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Watershed Management
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Watershed analysis
Statistical methods of hydrology
Independent watershed study
Hydrologic resource management
Economics of water resources
Land economics
Environmental design
Soil morphology
Soil physics
Plant soil and water resources
Range and forest plants
Wildlife Biology
Elementary analysis
Calculus I and II
Differential equations
Range science
Special projects in plant pathology
Watershed consultant Horse Creek watershed project
Engineering road design
land survey
statistical methods
Grazing environmental analysis
Wetland management
Owner/operator maintenance service


Birthdate: 29 April 1950
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married (second marriage), two adult children, one grandson

El Dorado High School, Placerville California 1968
American River College, Placerville 1970
University of Nevada, Reno 1974

BSc Watershed Management/Calculus – UNR 3yr
Associate of Arts – ARC 2yr

History of work and life

Descendent of pioneer families, raised in the rural farming community of El Dorado County, CA, Russell’s life has revolved around nature and community. His career has spanned farming, State Park Ranger, public service, college, and 25 years of self-employment. Presently he owns a farm in a rural farming community where he operates a respectable business. His work history can be stated in brief as follows: Russell has always been self-motivated, and has worked diligently to pursue his goals. While attending high school and starting college in the late 60’s, he worked in the fruit industry, operating equipment, supervising work crews, and managing orchard health. The Coloma State Historic Park, which his grandfather helped set up in the late 30s, hired Russell as an intermittent ranger when he started watershed related college in the late 60’s early 70’s. During this 4-year career his job included historical interpretation, public presentations and contact, fire safety and law enforcement. Upon leaving college he worked in the Idaho Horse Creek Watershed project setting up stream flow gauging equipment. This was followed by work in engineering to include road design, land survey and statistical methods. He purchased a store and hotel next which started a career in self-employment spanning 25 years as the owner operator of a maintenance service in North Eastern CA. As a result of this level of community involvement he has been a fire chief in a volunteer fire department and, at one time, president of the Chamber of Commerce two years running. He has volunteered as an environmental analyst on grazing evaluation projects with the USFS and for many years presented public information lectures in which he has hired public speakers to come to his community and present on a variety of subjects. He has traveled internationally promoting a film in South Africa, and has a valid 10-year passport. He has done numerous radio programs, coordinating people in the US and South Africa.
Russell is currently pursuing work in his field of watershed consulting and hopes to be of service to the environmental and community needs on our ever-smaller planet. He works closely with his wife, A South African, who brings her own particular skills and strengths to the team. They are both fully computer literate.

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