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Bury Me With Dignity, the Numbered Outline
Bury Me With Dignity by Russell Winje © 3/1/2007 updated 8/16/2007
Prologue South Africa Saga Rebuilding Transition Accomplishment Reparation

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1. Fevered Dream
- A disturbing dream conversation with a dignified dead man. "Don't pity me…”

2. Leaving Johannesburg
- Re-evaluating a month-long visit

3. The Diplomat
- Introduction to an important man


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4. Crossing The Atlantic
- New connections offering assistance

5. Breakdown
- Midlife crisis leads to personal changes

6. Lonely Traveler
- Thirty-nine hours to Africa through cultural changes

7. Unexpected Views On The Horizon
- From Cape Town to the lady's cage

8. Security?
- Learning to deal with thieves

9. Rands
- Street people, dark corners, new food and new money

10. Backward Moon Over Sailing Ships
- Southern hemisphere disorientation and mixed dreams

11. Café Crowd
- New world experience of South African movie threads and hijackers

12. Setup
- Tying the past to the future

13. Northcliff Meeting
- Unexpected changes related to business or pleasure

14. Finishing Off Duties
- Evening with the lady and a dream to forget

15. Breakfast For One
- Being your old self in a new world

16. Attacked In My Sleep
- Did not know when to leave

17. Time To Find A Friend
- Where do you plan to stay?

18. Location
- Plenty of life to share with the right people

19. New Plans
- Morning tea with a new friend

20. Starting To Pop
- Changing and arranging meetings

21. Ring Of Truth
- Mix of anticipation and trepidation

22. Braai
- A wealth of food and no booze

23. Shebeen
- Partying at the hermit's house

24. Editor’s Eye
- Opportunity and kind observations

25. Lion’s Cave
- Was I to die right here?

26. Names For The Future
- May I speak with Credo Mutwa?

27. Ghost
- The lion will give you two shots

28. Theme Park
- Miniature adventures and clouded dreams

29. Mr. Bones?
- Others knew him as they tried to look away

30. Just Desserts
- Maybe some healing will come from this

31. Family Day
- Different cultures with the same ties to family

32. African Drums
- Pushing each other to get louder and faster

33. Matsieng
- Don't look in the eyes of the blue tricksters

34. Bobotie
- Age showing on a once elegant frame

35. Corn Woman
- People's past and threads of normalcy

36. Fake Tusks
- The elephant is the most articulate one around here

37. Green Haze
- Only some saw the humor of the cannon-like explosion

38. Unpacking Again
- I really did have family in Africa

39. Swimming In The Crocodile River
- Botched rescues and near tragedy

40. Closing Out
- Expanding relationships but no romance

41. On The Air
- Am I going to dodge this bullet?

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42. Personal Shambles
- The Diplomat shows up again

43. Invisible Namibia
- The world chose to ignore death

44. Producer On The Make
- Africa was not through with me yet

45. Bride And Groom
- Other people's lives show me how I feel inside

46. Dreaming And Living The Nightmare
- The Chief's hopes for the future after justice is dismissed

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47. Reno Tahoe International Airport
- Busy and alone morphs to fun and exciting

48. Cornucopia
- Journey's end, but only just begun

49. Cultural? Shock
- Cowboys and Mexicans

50. Cathedral Ceilings
- Honeymoon cottage, but why so jealous?

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51. Dogs And Pickup Trucks, or A White African American
- A world apart with similar backgrounds

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52. A Life Of Their Own
- Movie deals don't erase the mass graves

53. Details But No Dignity
- Would meeting the Chief again resolve my haunted dreams?

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