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Beyond The Light Barrier

The Elizabeth Klarer Story

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Winje's Enterprises is proud to announce the Movie Production by Zen HQ
Producer/Writer Chris Roland

Cape Town Filmmaker Chris Roland is currently (November 1, 2007 ) writing the screenplay “Beyond The Light Barrier” based on Elizabeth Klarer’s book of the same name. He has written and developed 12 other original feature film and TV projects which partner with South African and international producers. Previous projects have included Hotel Rwanda, Fringe (written and directed by Roland), Stander, Charlie Jade, Man to Man, The Bonesnatcher. In November of 2006 Chris launched Zen HQ at the Sithengi Film and TV Market.

Chris Roland says of himself “I’m a Filmmaker first.” “Telling stories that shed light on the human condition will always top my list of activities. But I don’t feel limited to playing only a creative role.”

Roland writes directs and produces original projects for both Zen HQ and works in partnership with other companies capitalize on the local and international relationships which he developed under the former companies. He is promoting South African stories and South Africa as a production destination.


True story based on the book by Elizabeth Klarer and her experiences with beings from another galaxy.


Production Company Zen HQ

Producers Chris Roland

Director Chris Roland


Writer Chris Roland


Zen HQ focuses on original script/projects development, new media and above-the-line services. Zen HQ is able to provide producer services to production companies in South Africa and internationally. Zen HQ provides project-consulting services, analyzing the creative and financial viability of projects at the early stage of development, designed to help filmmakers and investors identify everything from creative, logistical, marketing, sales, legal and financial objectives.

Zen HQ’s also focus is new media distribution and is currently developing two on-line services, a search engine and an on-line distribution channel, which will launch in early 2007.

Of Zen HQ Chris Roland says "All too often projects are not specifically devised or crafted." He goes on to say "Zen HQ provides clear and concise methods for creating and launching film and TV projects based on a sound set of criteria. Nothing can guarantee a hit, but properly crafting a project at all levels from script development to marketing strategies simultaneously, is exactly how studios and indies achieve success. It’s not a mysterious process. The producer or investor who argues there is no backend in films haven’t done their homework."

Chris Roland has been involved in developing, financing and producing films and TV projects for over 20 years in South Africa, Europe and the US. All creative and production elements for projects financed through SAFFCO are assessed and approved by Roland.

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book Beyond The Light Barrier
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