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Beyond The Light Barrier
The Elizabeth Klarer Story

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Elizabeth Klarer Story

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Life Beyond The Light Barrier

How far would you go to find your love? Across the ocean? Halfway around the world? Beyond the light barrier?

I went halfway around the world following Elizabeth to the stars.

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I love adventure. Love learning. Love the stars and love to be loved. I enjoy knowing others too have romance. Knowing others find love. Knowing there are no limits.

New projects come to me in my life, and I find a way to make them happen. Some people, knowing this, have enjoyed bringing ideas to me to see how the ideas get developed.

One New Year's day some years ago three projects were left on my desk by friends who worked in Hollywood. Two scripts, and a photocopy of a book that was almost out of print.

The two scripts were by the same writer, and fictional. The book should have been found in the fiction section of an older South African book store. It was instead an autobiography of an exceptional woman from the Mountains of the Dragon, Natal, near Zululand.

Her story opened with glowing remarks of support for her from her friends in high office in the Royal Air Force and Major Aubrey Fielding (British Intelligence MI 10).

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Her life of education and grace - coming from English aristocracy - her young married life, her involvement with military test flights and wartime observations all contributed to strengthening her position in a world of scientists and diplomats.

She was raised in the Highveld of South Africa in her youth, admired and looked after by the Zulu even unto death, honored by the Royal Air Force as a Major, and lifted to the stars by visitors from space. Elizabeth Klarer would spend her adult life attempting to tell an inexperienced world about their past and how it would influence their future.

I was caught up in her story with the first few pages. How could this world traveler who presented to scientific groups throughout Europe and the United States and who developed presentations for the United Nations, have gone unnoticed by the modern world at this time?

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I would find that her elegance and grace was still alive in the life of her loving son and daughter, and that she was still held in the highest esteem by a top level Zulu spokesman and spiritual leader I was soon to meet, Credo Mutwa.

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The story would grow in intrigue, woven around names of places foreign to me, and covering times and distances beyond my imagination.

“Hlangabeza” is Zulu for “The one who brings together”.

Zulu oral history told a story of a man and a woman coming down from the sky on a cloud and alighting upon a hilltop. They were white and shiny with hair of gold and wearing shiny clothes. Their huts were thatched with shining grass. Their village was said to be lit by a mightier light than any on this world.

The Zulu knew that Elizabeth’s golden hair would bring the “Abelungu” (White People) from the sky.

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Near Cathkin peak in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa (Mountains of the Dragon), Elizabeth, after years of close encounters, met face to face with a race from the Alpha Centauri Star System.

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These people claimed to be our ancestors, once living on Mars, Venus and Earth. They claimed to be those ancient memories of Atlantis, the Americas, the Antarctic, Egypt, and the people from the center of our world. They were returning to Earth now to offer assistance as our environment deteriorates, our social disorder continues and as an unstable variable sun is now ready to destroy life on Earth, as it has in the past.

A part of the destiny of the Zulu has been to await the return of their “Sky Gods” in the “Lightning Bird whose many scales of blue and gold glitter in all the colors of the rainbow”.

Elizabeth’s meeting with this race is said to have brought the two worlds back together at a time when our collective humanity is to awaken to its true potential in an ever-larger universal community.

On a Fall afternoon in March, in a well-appointed South African house on the Hennops River, I sat with Zulu spiritual leader, Credo Mutwa, a friend of Elizabeth’s, who had delivered her eulogy when she passed away.

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A large man, he sat slightly elevated from me where he was painting as we talked, looking at me through thick glasses, “What can I do for you?” he asked in perfect English. “I’m not really sure” I said, “But I think you had involvement with Elizabeth Klarer.

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“Yes” he said. “I knew Elizabeth. She was real. What happened to her was real”. I looked past Credo to paintings which he had done, hanging on his wall. Aliens, space craft, Johannesburg in the future. “Some 12 races visit and interact on this planet of ours” he would go on to say. “Some are beneficial to deal with for various reasons, and some are downright selfish. Some are from our future.”

What category would we end up putting this race in that Elizabeth had met? I would have to look further and possibly find out.

Elisabeth was born in the year of Haley’s Comet, where her family's farmhouse overlooked the rolling thorn country of the foothills of the Drakensberg, where the Mooi River meets the mighty Tugela. Elizabeth Klarer entered a world filled with mystery and intrigue. The nights would resound with the rhythmic stamping and chanting of the Zulus accompanied by the rise and fall of the sound of rhythmic drums.

When Elizabeth’s family moved to a new farm in the same area, a Zulu elder, Ladam, followed to take care of her and her family, riding the many kilometers on a gray mare Elizabeth’s father had given him. An Induna (elder), Ladam would tell Elizabeth stories that would become part of her life:

“The heaven-dwellers” Ladam would say “used to live here in a big land far to the south, but afterwards ascended to the sky by means of the spider’s thread from the Lightning Bird. Some of our people have got into the heaven country by climbing a mountain, a tree, or they ascend by means of a rope uncoiling from a cloud, or the spider obligingly spins a thread for them. The Zulus say, “Who can plait a rope for ascending, that he may go to heaven. ‘Zulu’ means ‘the sky’, and we Zulus have long had a high opinion of ourselves. To be tall like the sky and not mingle with the lesser tribes of other peoples. Our destiny lies in the proud aggression of our Izimpi who await the return of our sky Gods.” (Pg. 20 BLB)

Elizabeth’s life would connect across the seas to the country of her paternal ancestor’s family seat at Astonbury England where she would attend Cambridge to study meteorology.

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During World War II, while her husband was a part of the De Havilland Experimental Flight Center, Elizabeth, as a trained respected observer, would report to her friend in England’s RAF, Air Chief Marshal Hugh Downing and tell him about the space craft which had paced her husband and her DH Moth aircraft while flying over the Drakensberg.

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The Chief would remark “Our planet is under close surveillance by an alien but highly advanced civilization from outer space.” He would go on to say “You my dear, seem to be dedicated to this. You know what to look for, you are not afraid, and I can think of no one more qualified. Besides, you have intuition and imagination, which is very important in this advanced research. Will you do it for us?” Elizabeth would be promoted to Major in the Air Force and charged with the first official investigation of UFO’s, reporting directly to the Chief with these instructions: “This research may take you many years. Therefore, every detail of information must be given to me, no matter how fantastic. We are dealing with a fantastic realization, and I want you to use your powers of extrasensory perception and follow up any hunches you may have. This extraordinary ability you are so liberally endowed with can be of tremendous value to us.” (Pg. 32)

As Elizabeth accepted she stood stunned for a moment. Trapped, helpless. “My natural independence of sprit – the glorious heritage of freedom I was brought up with – faded away into the mists of the past and the dreaded weight of responsibility threatened to crush my soul” (Pg. 32)

In 1959 Elizabeth chronicled her story in her book, Beyond the Light Barrier, which sold internationally, including seven editions in German, published in 1979.

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A reprinting is currently with the publisher as well as the first printing of her next book.

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Producer Russell Winje is planning a movie based on Elizabeth Klarer’s life. He recently visited South Africa in order to familiarize himself with the country and its film industry.

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